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One stop service for all you paintless hail damage repairs. Insurance approved, pickup and delivery of hail damaged autos in our service area.

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Express Hail  guarantees complete and total satisfaction of the Paintless Dent Repair performed on your automobile. The Express Hail warranty is only valid as long as you own the vehicle, and is non-transferable. Express Hail agrees to remove hail damage from said vehicle to the customer’s satisfaction.  Express Hail services also warrants the integrity of the factory paint will not be compromised due to our services, including: peeling, chipping, wrinkling, and / or color deterioration.  In the event the integrity of the vehicles paint becomes compromised as a direct result of our paintless dent removal services, we guarantee any additional repairs needed in order to restore your vehicle at no cost to the customer.

Express Hail Repair
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